Sunday, February 01, 2009

The website...

Because I keep drawing and redrawing the website, with no satisfying result, I probably won't have time to publish the Pink Collection today, but I will do my best to post it during the next week, so please stay tuned. :)

Check the new VERALAND layout if you wish. It is not modern, it looks like in the 90-s, but I am stuck in the 90-s, so it it quite representative for who I am. I've checked modern layouts, but they don't suit my needs. Most of them are too static and too feminine. There is one which literally blew my mind,
but who in hell can make such a work of art? Only an artist, of course, with a lot of talent to draw and so on. I said from the very beginning that websites should be made by painters, not by parrots who just learn to put on page some html codes.


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