Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bulgaria - Golden Sands - 2009

Vera Presents the Black Sea - Golden Sands - Bulgaria - 2009


PART I - GOLDEN SANDS - June-July 2009
PART II - GOLDEN SANDS - August 2009


Friday, September 18, 2009

Vera Presents the Black Sea - Golden Sands - Bulgaria 2009 - Part II

The more you go in the same place, the better you learn how the things work and the better it is.

My first time in Bulgaria I got in Chaika - an isolated resort located near Varna town.
It was not so bad, but not so good either, since all the enticement was a lifeguard that, desperatedly, I fell for.

The second time I found the beauty, the life and the colours of Golden Sands and now I can't stop going there.

The third time I wanted to be accomodated in a fancy 4 stars hotel, only it wasn't quite the vacation that I wanted there. The center was fairly far. In the hotel - noise, coarse Romanians and nothing else.

Now, having enough information, I booked a quiet 3 stars hotel called Gladiola, not too fancy but not too bad either,
located quite in the center of Golden Sands, close to the most beautiful Bulgarian beach which is in front of International Hotel,
and also close to the best disco club - Arrogance

and to the most beautiful bar - Dolphin.

I visited all the clubs and the bars around and, surprisingly (I say surprisingly because I hate Arabian music), a splendid Turkish belly dancer entertained me the most.

The Arabian Bar was located, of course, in the center.
If I had been in an isolated area, none of these would've happened, I would've seen nothing and I would've come home either somewhat entertained, but scared and without my MP3 player and my beach shoes, like it happened in Chaika, or bored like I came from that idiotic hotel Kaliakra, full of Romanian peasants.
The center of Golden Sands is a great place for entertainment, even, or rather especially, for the people who want to spend some time alone and to enjoy the show.
The biggest mistake is to go with family in Golden Sands, where only if you choose to go to bed instead of having fun outdoors, you do so.
If I will be ok next year, most likely I will go in Golden Sands again.
Only crappy snobs can trade a place like this, which at times looks like Heaven, with the misery in Greece, where they offer you nothing but a stoney beach and small boring bars where no professional is dancing and no amateour is allowed to move his bones either.
Here is the Golden Sands Story Part IV:

Vera at Hermitage Hotel

Vera at Dolphin Bar

Vera Red

Vera on International Beach

Vera Blue


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