Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vera Presents the Golden Sands - Bulgaria 2009


Vera presents a somewhat boring vacation at hotel Kaliakra Palace - Golden Sands.
The Black Sea was more beautiful than ever, especially in the silence of the night.

What shadowed my vacation a bit were:

-the Romanian peasants who invaded the Bulgarian sea shore, behaving like animals in the jungle, by yelling at the waitresses, making noise in the hotel from 6 am to 12 pm and calling me "Barbie", "Miss Slatina" and "the Girl from the Page 5"; Romanians are probably the shittiest nation in the World. No other nation behaved like that there, neither Germans, nor Bulgarians. The Germans are too civilized to behave like pigs and Bulgarians are too poor to make much noise. Romanians think that, because they have a Mercedes car, they are so very cool.
It was an interesting experience which confirmed once again the fact that I am no snob, but that Romanians are a people that cannot be tolerated. I once again saw, like in a crystal ball, that my life choice to get involved almost exclusively with foreighners was a natural consequence of the Romanian peasant behaviour.

-the clouds that you can see generously darkening my pictures
-and that I didn't fall in love.

I have been by myself for 8 days, the vast majority of the pictures being made by me. :)
I am proud of my work and I proved that I can manage without ugly men by my side to fuck my head off with their bullshit in exchange of just holding my camera in their hands.

The German woman, that you will see in the pictures, tried to be friendly, only there are a lot of nuts, naive and obsessive people, much more naive and nuts than me, so it didn't work with her.

She wanted to use me as a baby sitter for her kid, while she was running like a wild animal after dicks. She was terrorizing, so I literally ran away from her a few times. Despite my desperate running, she pissed the shit out of me until the end. I had to pretend that I must go, in order to have an hour alone - me and the Black Sea - before going home.

Here is the magic chair which helped me making the pictures. :)

The camera got old and it wasn't sufficient light either, so the quality of the pictures isn't as good as last year.


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