Friday, January 07, 2011

Vera in Bucharest Fairy-like Night

Unirii Square Ceausescu Big Fountain

Big fountain

Me & Ceausescu big fountain

Unirii Square Ceausescu Small Fountain

Ceausescu Boulevard small fountain

Small fountain

Unirii Square small fountain

Vera & small fountain

Ceausescu Boulevard Fairy-like Trees

Fairy-like trees

Ceausescu Boulevard fairy-like trees
Fairy-like trees

Ceausescu Boulevard

Unirii Square Ceausescu Fountains

Unirii Square Ceausescu Fountains

Me & Ceausescu Fountains

Unirii Square Christmas Tree

Random images

Building in Unirii Square
Ceausescu Boulevard
Unirii bus station

Unirii Street Shopping

My neighbourhood

My building

In front of my building

My shops

My tram station

Neighbourhood building

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