Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Antichrist Outfit

Well, I decided that I don't need anyone anymore, neither for taking me pictures, nor for making me movies.

Even though I have an old apartment with old carpets and floors, I announce the idiots who claim that my disease has something to do with it, that they are just some idiots. A 45 years old carpet doesn't cause candidiasis!

And taking loans from the banks in order to make your apartment to look impressive is the most idiotic thing that you can do. If ALL Romanians would've behaved like me, Romania would've had no external debt in this very moment.

I feel great in my poverty. At least I do not owe anything to anybody, I do not have to pay for any mistakes, because I usually do not make mistakes.

In another train of thoughts, I have been to the Christmas Party at work this year, which was probably the shittiest party that I have ever attended in my whole life. A whole lot of money wasted in vain on the outfit. About 150 Euros that I could've saved for the dark days that will come next year.

A lot of false glitter and luxury, mizerable food and drinks, bored people drinking a lot, a shitty speech full of ironically shitty news and nobody dancing.

Humped fat women and bellied men who got prematurely old, who took loads of bank loans in order to make their house look like a palace, but who look mizerable themselves and think like retards.

The financial crisis is more unavoidable than ever, so I am somewhat relaxed. I have an old carpet and nothing to care about. No bank loans, no kids, no friends, but just one life that I enjoyed to the max. I feel confident and sharp and I have no majour reasons to fear.

I will post later the very few pictures of me that I got to the labour party. So stay tuned.

I am not allowed to post my coworkers of whom I really don't fucking care, so do not expect to see their faces. It will therefore take me a while to cut their faces from the pictures.

This is an old outfit that I call "the Manson outfit" and which, I think, works on a rock party.

Dressed like this, I made a movie called "Standing in line", which you can find on my website VERALAND, at the "Dance" section.

Hopefully I will have enough money to keep the internet connection on and the web domain working. This is all I need to be happy! This is all I need to make others happy, whether they laugh of me or appreciate me.

I will continue to be the dark sharp witch with one hundred hobbies. I will continue to live. I will be cautious and suspicios and if so, I believe that nobody will bring me down. I do not need a rich man to survive. In fact, he would've just trampled on my dreams and hobbies, he would've eaten my precios lifetime.

I will survive and I will do whatever I fucking want! The one to mock at me hasn't been born yet.

All I do care about is my body and mind. The rest is a lie!

I wish you a Merry Christmas! :)


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